The “Mocha Blend” is our attempt to replicate one of Catahoula’s favorite coffees; Mokka Java. Unfortunately we are not expecting to see Yemen coffee in the foreseeable future due to the ongoing civil war. Sad but true!

Folks may have noticed (and drank) a Mocha Blend (Mocha X) in our café in Richmond. However, this blend did not cut the muster, thus being giving the “X” as in experimental. It was good, but not great. (basically not the exact cup profiles we are trying to achieve.)

Once you see the label of “MOCHA BLEND” …then you can be assured this is as close as we can get to the original “blend of antiquity” of a true Mokka Java blend.

It have been getting RAVE reviews…..complex, chocolately…full-full flavor.

Roasting and Shipping Schedule

Roast Master Choice gives you the chance to enjoy the pound you’ve chosen, and to try a half- pound of another of Catahoula’s fresh roasted coffees. (Add $8)

Weight 1.00 lbs

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