Several years ago I blew a roast, too dark. I had folks who kept asking, “What is that Dark coffee over there?” I mentioned I accidently roasted the coffee too dark for the profile I was hoping, they asked if they can have some. Sure, why not!? Well the next couple of days, those who tried it…wanted to buy more. So Hank was born!! Named after, you guess it, a dog. Hank was a BIG ole’ Mastif mix of one our barista’s. Unfortunately, Hank’s days were numbered and ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. So in honor of Hank, the coffee was named after him. I call it Super Duper Dark, but really it’s not. It’s Big & Bold much like it’s namesake. Try Hank….Roasted slightly beyond our comfort zone…but has become a crowd favorite

Weight 1.00 lbs

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  1. Heath

    Thanks I needed this


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