ETHIOPIAN – Dry Processed


Dry Processed


Catahoula Coffee chooses a full frontal fruit-al Ethiopian Natural Process coffee. Typically a Natural Simano as our featured single origin. Close your eyes, breathe in and absorb the aroma of ripe blueberries which will give a way to a deep chocolate tone finish.

Note: DP, Natural and/or Honey are terms of “Dry Processed” coffees. These techniques, of raised African drying beds, started as a necessity due to the lack of consistent availability of water. Dry Process (DP) coffee creates a sweeter more fermented fruit tones.

Roasting and Shipping Schedule

Roast Master Choice gives you the chance to enjoy the pound you’ve chosen, and to try a half- pound of another of Catahoula’s fresh roasted coffees. (Add $10)

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