Catahouligan Expresso – December 2010

Catahouligan Expresso – December 2010

Greetings to everyone and I am sorry I have not written our beloved newsletter for the past couple of months.   Needless to say I have been rather busy both personally and especially with Catahoula Coffee.

  • On September 18, 2010, to the dismay of a great many of my single female Catahouligans worldwide, not to mention a couple of the fella’s too, I got married to the lovely Kate.   My first and last marriage…It took this long to find the right one.  Thank you for all the wonderful best wishes!  We appreciate them.
  • Catahoula Coffee has been increasingly getting busier and busier, heck we were even knock a star on by not having enough “Elbow” room.   I guess I would take that as a grand compliment.  It sure beats the many months of Ricky and me watching Youtube videos of Will Farrell doing imitations of Sir Sean Connery waiting for that lone customer to grace our doorway.
We Won!!

“It All Starts with a Café!”

Since Catahoula Coffee has won the San Francisco Chronicle’s Best of Bay, we have steadily been working on improving…and refining everything we do.   Our goal is always to not only be the best in Richmond…but of the whole bay…..err, Nation!

I would like to say thanks to all of the Catahouligans who not necessarily voted for Catahoula Coffee as Best of Bay…but who frequent our humbled establishment.   To say “Thanks!!”  We will sponsor a Customer Appreciation Day.   I am not sure when…It might be too busy prior to the holidays…and would be nice to dovetail it into our next car meet.   If you have any suggestions…please email them to me:  [email protected] I appreciate your feedback.

In the News:

It was SOOOOO close:  Solano Playlot

I am sorry I got so “Spammy” with our constituents on the contest to win a $25,000 grant to rebuild/improve Solano Playlot.  (It was a grassroots effort to win a grant to rebuild neighborhood kid/toddler playlot near Catahoula Coffee’s World Headquarters in Richmond, CA.)

We finished just outside of the money.  It wasn’t from the valiant effort of Catahouligans near and far….It was an unique contest who’s rules were a bit dodgy.   Catahouligans help us to charged out of nowhere to claimed the third place money…but were bumped, nipped and/or squeezed out, by what this cub reporter feels as “Vote Trading” from the others playgrounds in contention.   Needless to say, we finished fourth by the smallest of margin.


They are fast approaching.   Catahoula Coffee is there to help.  We are working on several items to help you covert that special person in your life to the world of Catahoula Coffee.   These are a couple of things we are working on:

  • Pre-Made Gift Baskets.   Ranging from $15.00 to $45.00 -  If you don’t see what you like…we’ll make it up for you.
  • Catahoula “Houla Moola” Giftcards:  Give the gift that keeps on giving.   How Easy was that…..Add any amount to the card…then they are able to redeem the card….and earn free drinks to boot.
  • Custom Made Catahoula Shopping Bags:  Recycled coffee burlap bags made into stylish, and rugged, shopping bags.   Each bag has been recycled from the bags being delivered to Catahoula.   Quality, size and quantities do vary since they are subject to bags on hand. Range in price from $15.00 to $35.00    We will also have Recycled Coffee Burlap (Reusable) coffee cup holders.  (Coming Soon)
  • Custom Cup Snuggies:  Handmade cup holders made by Green Being of Scranton, PA
  • Travel Mugs / Stylish Diner Mugs / AeroPress Coffee Makers:   These are few items available for this Holiday Season.
  • Customized Labels (Seen Below) :  Minimum of six pounds ordered…you can then have a custom message to given out to those on the “Nice” column of your Who’s Naughty or Nice list.
  • New Teeshirts:  The “Lola” tee is winner!!
  • Shipping Nationwide:   At Catahoula we utilize USPS Flat Rate Shipping.  If we can squeeze it into the box…it ships.   Last year several Catahouligans made up Custom Labels for friends and relatives across the states and had us mail them out.   We will roast, bag and ship in one day.   (The trick is….timing to get them before the Holiday.)
  • If I have forgotten something:    You’ll let me know!
Custom Labels

Up Cycle Items:

  • Tote Bags:  Custom made Tote Bags made from Recycled (or Upcycled) coffee bags used at Catahoula Coffee.   They range from $15 to $40 apiece.
  • Cup Snuggies: Way Cool cup holders made by Greenbeings of Scranton, PA   Personalized with logo of your favorite coffee company…..Catahoula right!?   Not too sure what the pricepoint….roughly:  $10.99 or 11.99    Reusable!!!

Operation “Mi Pueblo” –

If you have not heard of Mi Pueblo yet….You should. ( )  I firmly believe our neighborhood would be an EXCELLENT candidate for this organization.  It’s not like we don’t have a couple of prime locations for a clean, well lit and quite well stocked grocery store.   Can you say:  “THE OLD ALBERTSON’S STORE!!!”      But there is also Safeway when it goes dark and even an outside chance of West Coast Motors site.

I am willing to bet anyone…. and I mean anyone:  If Mi Pueblo would locate within the area of San Pablo Ave & Mcdonald Ave….it would be extremely successful.   Not only would they be supported by the surrounding neighborhoods of N&E, View & El Cerrito….but it would draw folks out of the hills and down to the AVENUE.

What can WE do?     How about a 10,000 Email Campaign:    Yep, you heard me right….Let’s use the power of the “Inter-Tube” and let Mi Pueblo know our fair city would be excellent choice for their business.   Email today!!!!  (And tomorrow, the next day….even the day after)

So email them with a brief note…stating:  I, state your name, would like to see Mi Pueblo Food Center open up on the AVENUE.    Oh, by the way, here is the email for the head cheese (or queso in their case) of Mi Pueblo:

Juvenal Chavez, CEO / Founder  [email protected]

Pre-addressed “We Want Mi Pueblo on the AVENUE!” postcards will be soon available at Catahoula Coffee Company.

Green Café Network:

Catahoula is now a member of the Green Café Network.

Facebook:   Please Join our Group

Facebook has become a popular way to keep the ever going list of Catahouligans informed of what is going on at Catahoula.  It is fun and informative to see folks around the States (World) become, and follow the going-ons at Catahoula Coffee.!/group.php?gid=52537839596

Become a Fan of Catahoula Coffee on Facebook


Coffee prices have SKYROCKETED this past year.   This is not just a swarmy businessman trying to juke you.   Prices have increased due to several issues….mainly due to the “C” market (Think Porkbellies) being played by folks who are looking for a return on their investments since global meltdown of their standard financial investments.   Toss in political unrest in this country and bad weather in that country has also contributed in pushing coffee prices higher.

I am doing my best to hold our prices at Catahoula Coffee.   I am quite thankful of being in a position of advantage compared to the others….but coffee prices are coffee prices.   I will always source the very best in terms of quality with an eye on promoting sustainability.   It is a tough act to follow….but Catahoula Coffee will continue to strive in obtaining the highest quality in our coffees, all the while trying to improve our community.

The Standards:

Lola, Buzz, Butkus, Mokka Java, Sumatra, Decaf, Costa Rica & Peru

Let’s not forget The 3 Amigas (Mexican Chiapas roasted at three different levels)

Micro Roasts:

Jamaica Blue Mountain, Peru Pangoa, Papua New Guinea PB, & Kenya PB

The Micro Roasts are small batches, (a couple of bags of coffee), I would like to feature for you try.  Plus a Micro Roast is a single origin coffee which we currently carry such as Kenyan Peaberry.   My goal is for the average Catahouligan to sample a coffee they wouldn’t necessarily try or even know existed.

  • World Class Coffee.  (Jamaica Blue Mountain)
  • From single estates with unique production processes (Honey Coffee – Dry Processed)
  • Truly wonderful and inspirational stories behind them.  The Peru Pangoa (FTO) is a fine example.
  • Most of these coffees are sold out quickly while others are rotated into our lineup  periodically


100% Jamaica Blue Mountain –  $20.00 / Half Pound  — $40.00 / Full Pound

What hasn’t been said about this coffee, it is truly one of the BEST coffees in the world!  This coffee is known to be rich, well balanced and yet with a buttery feel to the cup.

It was difficult to find JBM this year.  However, I have sourced a keg.  You will have an opportunity to “WOW!” your in-laws or reward the ones (and yourself) you love with some of the BEST coffee in the world.   (Seriously!!)


Peru Organic/Fair Trade – Pangoa Region: – $14.00 / Full Pound

I came across this coffee via a third party; kinda’ a friend of friend sort of way.  After reading up on this region and the works of other roasters/importers I was truly happy to see Royal Coffee Imports (RCI) had this wonderful coffee in stock.   RCI was instrumental in the continual support of this coffee.

This coffee has everything:  Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown, promotion of economic diversification, all the while having a solid record of self reliance in improving the lot of both the farmers and its indigenous peoples.

The coffee itself is wonderful Organic Peruvian, grown higher in altitude which produces a nice balance of complexity to its body.


Tucked away in the central Amazon region of Peru, just east of the Andean mountain range that runs through the center of the country, CAC Pangoa (Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa) has been serving its members since 1977.  The coop has experienced a colorful history of good and hard times.  It was founded by 50 farmers from a coop in neighboring city, Satipo and grew to nearly 1700 members at its peak (in the early 1980s).  With 3% of every sale, Pangoa was able to build most of the infrastructure that it uses to this day.  During the period that’s known as El Terrorismo (“the terrorism”) when the Shining Path violently swept through what had up to the late ’80s the peaceful, isolated, rural areas of Peru, killing thousands of innocent people and carrying out a determined campaign of instilling paralyzing fear.  CAC Pangoa lost hundreds of farmers who fled to cities to escape the terror.  Since then, they have regained membership and currently serve approximately 600 members (2009).


Roastermaster’s Whim: – $12.00 to $15.00 / Pound

There are times we will roast a particular single origin to encourage folks to try something they normally do not see or get an opportunity to taste.  Kenyan PB is prime example; however it may be a single bag of coffee I am experimenting with at the time.

Note: I will be roasting a Costa Rica “Honey” La Granja coffee from Coopepalmares PL of region surrounding La Palmares, CR.   Terrific “Dried Processed” coffee that gives sweet complexity to a great Costa Rica coffee.   $12.00 / Pound

If you have any questions about any coffees, especially these three Micro Roasts, please do not hesitate to contact me:   [email protected]

Thanks again…..I hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

take care,     timber

**   If you would like to be taken off this list…no problem…..

Just let me know.  Thanks     **

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