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Catahouligan “Expresso”
September 2014

First of all, I wanted to quell the scuttlebutt.  I will NOT be running for mayor of Richmond, CA.  I know how disappointed some folks may be at this announcement, but I am sure I have far too many skeletons in my closet to run in such a noble and ethical race. Besides, what would I do with myself on Tuesday nights?  If you haven’t watched the Richmond City Council Meetings, make yourself a big bowl of popcorn, pop open a nice IPA, sit back and enjoy the show!

Things have been extremely busy around here at Catahoula Coffee.  But before I get to that, here is your obligatory picture of Nic.  Yep… He’s getting BIG.  He’s on the home stretch to turning three (3) years old in late November.DSC_8162

So What’s New?
Coming Soon to Berkeley … Catahoula’Kaffeegarten’ 
Catahoula’s New SOFO Location
Soft Opening: 8am to 2pm
Store Front
Catahoula Coffee is proud to announce (possibly) the World’s First Kaffeegarten.   After intense research of Munich’s  Hofbräuhaus,  I have decided in conjunction of Berkeley’s growing love of all things beer; Turmer Beer, The Torpedo Room across the street, Brennan’s Hoffbrau House and the find folks at the Westbrae Biergarten is to establish the Bay Area’s first Kaffeegarten.  Now I need to make the decision if I should require the baristas to wear lederhosen!?  (Just as long as I can wear one of those hats with a feather in it!!)    What is your vote!?  Catahoula Kaffee ist extrem guten Kaffee !!SOFO’S Sidewalk Sale:  Saturday 13th
This Saturday the SOFO District in Berkeley is having a sidewalk sale.  So I couldn’t ask for a better time to OPEN Catahoula’s Kaffeegarten.  (8am to 2pm)    So come on down and see what SOFO offers from the many diverse bouquet shops and salons.   Plus Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Tap Room is RIGHT ACROSS the street.  Join in the fun….This Saturday!!!
WHAT:  I have been down this road so many times, but nothing panned out due to a variety of factors; not being the right space, greedy landlords and/or just not the right community-centric feel of Catahoula’s business model.  We hope our second location will mirror our first location in Richmond.   We hope to provide a localized, friendly, albeit quirky at times, café.  Our goal is to serve a great quality product without the all the fussy-ness. Good value, fun atmosphere & local flavor.WHERE:  The Café will be located at:  4th & Addison in Berkeley, CA. in the SOFO District: (South Fourth Street).   The SOFO District is the area South of University Avenue.  Though Fourth Street is the main artery of the historical district of SOFO, the borderlines include University Ave to Dwight Way and from the Freeway to San Pablo Avenue.WHEN:  We are targeting October 2014.  Though we may be doing a soft opening during September.  I promise it will be much quicker than Catahoula’s: “Coming Soon” opening in Richmond the first time around. (It took three years)   Stay tuned for more info.
One-Two Punch: Roya & DroughtThe trials and tribulations of navigating the ever changing landscape of coffee is quite a full time job.  Though no one wants to hear of it…the cost of producing coffee, from the crop to the cup, has gone up in the past three years.   Catahoula will do our best to maintain our quality and value.  However, we currently are in process of evaluating all expenses and costs of raw and finished goods.

  • Roya: Coffee Leaf Rust Fungus is the main culprit, especially in South and Central Americas.  The estimated production of coffee from these effected area are much lower yields for the upcoming years.  This storage will affect all in the industry as whole (increase prices) and put incredible pressure on those farmers who are seeing 40%+ of their crops FAIL!!
  • Drought:  Yep….it affects those other areas of not enough rain when rain is so desperately needed.   So it is a double whammy for the coffee industry.
Jamaica Blue Mountain:   I am so sorry.  With production of JBM limited by Roya, there was even less coffee to buy this past year.  I have been trying like the dickens to find a barrel of this fine coffee.  It was only available, in such small qualities for a very short period time this year.  And I missed out!!   You know where all goes:   Japan and South Korea.   Go figure!!?Brazil – Frazenda Santa Clara:
I have not been a big fan of Brazilian coffee since it is known to be highly mechanized from large corporate farms.  However, I have found a group who specializes in sourcing from smaller estates.  Meet Mr. Alex Sandro da Silva and his lovely daughter.  He started Santa Clara Farm in 2011 and has since produce this wonderfully rich and syrupy coffee.  Enjoy!!  brazil coffee
Peru  -  Chanchamayo  – Direct Trade
This coffee is a wonderful coffee not only its characteristics, (A medium acidic coffee with a smooth and sweet finish) but for its locale.   Located high in the Andes, this dense bean is such a wonderful addition to our line up.  What makes it even sweeter is to know Chanchamayo Highland Coffee owner Jose Ernesto’s tireless efforts in educating and improving the farmer’s lives who he serves.   He quite honestly is the hardest working guy in show business.  Yes…Jose is wearing his Catahoula Soccer Jersey!
Reach Trade LLC:  Catahoula Coffee has begun to work with this organization to help to promote Clean Drinkable Water for those who need it the most.   The guys at Reach Trade LLC are passionate in bringing awareness of water issues to those who (should) care.   Especially being in California…    Stay tuned for more info on this subject.   Catahoula Coffee may offer their coffee and a portion of the sale of each bag will directly benefit Reach Trade LLC.  www.reachtrade.comReach Trade Coffee
If you have any questions about any of our coffees, please do not hesitate to contact me:
timber@coffee.wickedcode.comThanks again…..Take care,

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